The group is a leading Estonian research unit in automatic control, focusing on nonlinear control systems, including non-smooth, hybrid and time-delay systems. The group has made significant contributions to the development of constructive algebraic methods that simplify the study of very different problems for nonlinear control systems from unified perspective. Although the group is developing predominantly application-independent general methods determined by the dynamic properties of the mathematical models, we have been recently focused on a few carefully chosen applications. These include control of autonomous underwater vehicles and ionic polymer-metal composite actuators. Over the past few years, particular emphasis has been given to exploring the theoretical and practical challenges associated with the integration of renewable energy sources through the prism of the advanced info technologies.
Research Directions
non-linear and robust control systems   •   algebraic methods   •   modeling of control systems   •   learning and planning in robotic systems   •   formal testing and verification methods for distributed and embedded systems   •   power systems
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